5 Ways Apollo Saves Time for IT Security Operations

5 Ways Apollo Saves Time for IT Security Operations

Keeping up with the constant threats and vulnerabilities in cybersecurity is a daunting task. When everything goes well, meaning no hacks or system failures, you get no recognition. When an attack takes down company systems, you face the pressure and stress of answering tough questions about how you let this happen. Unfortunately, there’s never enough time to do everything on your IT security operations list.

There’s a way out of this dilemma. It starts with your approach to managing the time and priorities of your IT staff and end users.

Why Does Saving Time in Cybersecurity Matter?

In IT security, there’s an endless to-do list. Every week, you have projects to work through, and that’s not all. You also have to stay up to date about new threats. As managers, you face the difficulty of recruiting and developing IT security talent in a highly competitive market. You also need to support the organization’s need to innovate and adopt new technology.

To keep up with these challenges, you must find ways to save time in IT security operations. Hiring additional staff is one approach, but there are limits to how far you can push it. You need other methods. Leveraging smart tools such as Apollo, an AI virtual assistant specializing in IT security, is the best way to save time.

Five Techniques That Save IT Security Operations Time Without Compromising Protection

Saving time is the name of the game, so your staff members have the bandwidth to deal with pressing matters as they arise. Of course, saving time can’t come at the expense of security.

1. Empower Employees with Self-serve IT Security

IT departments have a reputation as the department of “NO.” Employees also dread having to answer complicated questions to authenticate themselves when asking for a password reset. Frankly, the embarrassment of having to speak with an IT technician for simple tasks, such as resetting a password, is tiresome. Even worse, they may need a password reset or new user account outside of regular business hours. In those situations, a 24/7 AI virtual assistant, such as Apollo, is an ideal solution.

Employees can now take care of routine IT security tasks such as changing an account, resetting passwords, and getting reports using a mobile phone, text message, or Skype. All the requests are tracked and measured against the IT security policy your company puts in place.

2. Accelerate Consultant and Contractor Productivity

If your company regularly brings in outside experts for help on special projects, every minute counts. Some consultants charge $100 per hour or more. With those costs, you can’t afford to have these experts sit around and wait for help getting their accounts set up. Rather than forcing contractors to sit around for hours on their first day while accounts are set up, a manager can take care of everything in minutes with Apollo.

The result is that your projects will be achieved on time because you’re no longer losing time due to out-of-date practices.

3. Save Time on IT Security Audits and Reviews

It’s a certainty that your IT security department will have to go through an audit. If you’re a bank or publicly traded company, these audit exercises will be regular experiences. Apollo can’t eliminate audits, but it can make them painless. When an auditor asks for records, you can leverage Apollo’s systematic record keeping. When you’re asked how you ensure IT security requests are handled systematically, point out that Apollo is devoted to following your IT security policy to the letter.

4. Speed Up Your IT Exceptions Process

Even with the world’s best designed IT policy and framework, you can’t imagine every situation. You need a way for end users to ask for exceptions. If you’re not careful, exception requests can become messy and undermine security discipline. After all, you need a way to track each request, track the rationale for the exception, and monitor how it was approved.

Using Apollo expedites the entire exceptions process. Your end users are happy because they can get to work faster. Management is happy because exceptions are reviewed and acted upon consistently. Making fast decisions on IT exception requests is one way to show employees you’re committed to being responsive to employee needs.

5. Reduce IT Security Errors

When you’re locked out of your company accounts, it’s stressful. You’re probably in a bad mood, and you have limited patience for the fine points of IT security. If an overworked IT technician makes a mistake handling a user request and prolongs the entire process, it makes the entire situation worse. With Apollo, 99% of IT security operations errors are eliminated because our security chatbot is focused on following policy to the letter. That means faster IT service for users and fewer complaints against the IT department.

How Will You Save Hours in Your IT Department This Year?

Before you decide whether to implement Apollo, consider your options. You know it’s vital to increase IT security productivity. You can’t obtain budget increases forever. What other options do you have that will deliver faster, more reliable IT security?
Sign up for a free trial of Apollo today to start saving time for your IT department.

Written by Nelson Cicchitto