6 Ways to Make the Most of Homeland Security Week 2018

6 Ways to Make the Most of Homeland Security Week 2018

National security threats are continually evolving. In the past, there were simply armies, missiles, and tanks, which are bad enough. Today, adversaries can use hacking tools to pursue their goals. These hacking tools and methods are becoming cheaper and more powerful each year. To stay ahead of the latest threats, you need to attend Homeland Security Week in Hyattsville, MD. In just over two days, you’ll discover everything you need to get up to date on homeland security threats.

Not sure if the event is right for you?

Before you ask for time off, find out what the event is all about. We’ve outlined six reasons to make time for Homeland Security Week.

  1. Know Your Cybersecurity Gaps Before You Seek to Make Changes

Passwords remain a vital vulnerability in homeland security. In the 2017 fiscal year, the Department of Homeland Security had security problems including using outdated technology. In addition to the system’s problems, the audit also found that the department had insufficient staffing in security. Addressing these problems will take time and resources. It also takes new insights.

At Homeland Security Week, the following sessions will help you discover new talent opportunities in cybersecurity:

  • Maintaining Resilience by Recruiting Top Talent (Focus Day)
  • Creatively Recruiting Top Talent to Meet The Demand of More Analysts and Agents (Day Two)
  • Networking Breaks: Attending the formal sessions is great, but if you’re looking for talent, that’s only part of the picture. Make time in your schedule to visit the vendors, go to the lunches, and do everything else.


Tip: Build relationships with other organizations right now, even if you have no job openings. Building these relationships now will save you time and energy later when you need to fill a security role.

  1. Understand the Rise of Government-sponsored Cybersecurity Threats

The resources and motivations for cybersecurity attacks have shifted. Today, a significant proportion of cybersecurity attacks are carried out by foreign governments, either directly or indirectly. In Canada, 2 percent of attacks against government systems succeeded in 2015. Foreign states sponsor many of these attacks.

Coping with this threat depends on a few factors. First, you need better threat detection and evaluation tools. Second, you need to look for opportunities to learn from others in the industry. Unfortunately, few organizations look forward to discussing their cybersecurity problems. Attending a conference like Homeland Security Week is one of the few ways to have face-to-face interactions with cybersecurity leaders.

  1. Understand the Threats Facing the Financial Sector

Financial strength and stability have long been one of America’s greatest assets. Unfortunately, the online world presents constant attacks. That’s why several sessions at Homeland Security Week are focused on the financial industry. Here’s a preview of what you can learn from the following session: “Shielding The Financial Sector from Attacks to Protect Against Economics Unrest.” If banks and other financial sector actors are destabilized, that situation will have a negative impact on public confidence in the financial sector.

What if you’re outside the financial industry? Does that mean such sessions are irrelevant to your cybersecurity goals? Not at all. Since the financial industry is under constant security pressure, studying how banks keep going is a smart idea.

Resource: According to consulting firm PWC, fraud incidents have increased over 100% in the past year. Further, 40 U.S. states have brought forward new privacy laws and regulations. These increasing threats are hitting the financial sector first, but they may well spread to other sectors.

  1. Discover Cybersecurity Software Solutions

Managing cybersecurity threats and risk exposures using your resources is tough. Your staff cannot be expected to have a specialization and training in every cyber threat. To cover your gaps, make sure you make time to visit the sponsors at Homeland Security Week.

For example, Avatier will be present with information on its security software solutions. Whether you’re looking to simplify security operations with single sign-on software or seeking ways to tighten your password management, Avatier has proven solutions you can use. Avatier has already been recognized by Gartner, a leading IT analyst firm, as a top vendor in identity management.

In addition to Avatier, you can also find specialized vendors to help you with security consulting and mobile communications. Make time to visit with Avatier so you can see its products in action.

  1. You’ll Meet Leaders in Homeland Security

In the world of cybersecurity, it’s easy to focus on systems and processes. What about the people who come up with the strategies? Whether you’re seeking insight or looking to build your team, events such as Homeland Security Week are excellent for networking. Here are some of the speakers scheduled for the event:

  • Soraya Correa, Chief Procurement Officer at Department of Homeland Security
  • Kevin Nally, Chief Information Officer at the United States Secret Service
  • Max Everett, Chief Information Officer at the U.S. Department of Energy
  • Anil John, Cybersecurity R&D Program Manager at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • Industry representatives speaking on security software


If you want to understand how government agencies like the Secret Service and Department of Homeland Security approach cyber issues, get that insight directly from the leaders. Where else will you have the opportunity to ask questions? Homeland Security Week is also a unique opportunity to see how different parts of the security community connect.

  1. What Happens If You Don’t Attend Homeland Security Week?

Depending on your company’s situation, missing this event could have serious consequences. If you have a significant number of government contracts, this event is an excellent opportunity to understand your customers better. If you aren’t involved in homeland security or defense, you’ll be missing an opportunity to learn from one of the world’s most sophisticated cybersecurity sectors.

If you cannot attend Homeland Security Week, take the time to answer a question. What other conference or event can you attend this year to recruit talent and gain new insights? If you fall behind in cybersecurity, your entire organization will suffer. If you don’t attend this week’s event, the next best option is to seek alternative events.

Written by Nelson Cicchitto