97% Customer Renewals for Avatier Identity Management System

97% Customer Renewals for Avatier Identity Management System

Customer Renewal Rate.

Recently, I was fortunate to work on the Why Avatier web page. My role was small in terms of the content I contributed. Yet, the impact reveals our company’s heart and soul. It’s the drive behind what we call business focused user-centric innovation. Before I started, I knew we had wildly successful customers. I also knew they are loyal too.

When I was asked to report on our customer renewals, I was expecting high numbers. As our Major Accounts Executive, I work with our customers everyday. It’s not that we are small. On the contrary, our systems manage over 1,000,000 identities a day across sixteen industries, hundreds of enterprises, and a multitude of compliance regulations. I know, because we are engaged.

Why Avatier?

After one year in my current role, you would think a number would not surprise me. Actually, astounded is more like it. I suppose what amazes me the most is that the number represents an organizational picture. It defines a company’s management, the culture, and customer commitment while denoting excellence. Take a moment to consider an entire organization acting as interchangeable members of a team and teams. Agile. We most certainly are. Efficient. That’s how we operate. Cost Effective. Now you know why the number is so high.

From our Customer Advisory Board who help shape our product roadmap and focus our innovation, to our real time product support and 24/7 care, our entire company, not just engineering, marketing, and sales, dedicates themselves to business process transparency through utility and a business focused user-centric experience.

When an information technology company puts business processes as the driving-focus, makes it a core value and part of our mission, why wouldn’t you want a proven solution that deploys in the quickest time, requires minimal administration, and results in measurable ROI making an immediate bottom-line impact?

Which leads us to the obvious question: Why Avatier?

Business Focused User-Centric Identity Management

In 1997, our founder, Nelson Cicchitto, set out to make IT operations more efficient through a simple, yet at the time considered controversial, solution for enabling business users to reset their passwords without making a help desk request. In offering one of the first self-service password management solutions, Nelson wanted to not only make operations more efficient. He recognized, as an IT leader himself, his organization needed to be more efficient too. IT also needed to become transparent to the business and an enabler.

Our 97% Customer Renewal Rate personifies our continued success in fulfilling Nelson’s business focused user-centric vision. Our customer enthusiasm, their loyalty, and immediate return on their investment are a true testimonial to the value we bring. We truly believe in our transformative mission to empower users and make IT operations seamless with the business.

Why Not?

Our customers know what they can expect from Avatier. They express with absolute certainty our products make them better. Avatier as an innovation leader because our systems free IT staff for more critical and strategic operations. They empower business users through self-service while making information technology services highly available and more secure.

We recognize and time has proven for us to continue as identity management leaders. We must engage customers. We must recognize their needs in order to help them optimize their use and experience the full value of our systems. When they do so, the numbers speak for themselves.

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Written by Trevor Harp

Trevor Harp, currently serves as the Director of Customer Success at Avatier, an enterprise identity management and IT security company. In his role, Trevor ensures breakthrough experiences for new customers and continuous improvement for existing ones. Trevor is a top-performing sales management professional with over 17 years' experience in direct B2B and OEM enterprise software and technology sales and national account management. Previously, Trevor served as Global Business Development Director at Keyence, a leading factory automation equipment manufacturer, where he was responsible for global business development efforts with multi-national customers and emerging international markets.