Access Certification Software: It’s (Not) Too Good to Be True: Top 10 Features

Access Certification Software: It’s (Not) Too Good to Be True: Top 10 Features

Cost saving compliance.

Today’s business world doesn’t work Monday through Friday from 9-to-5 and neither do those who threaten the compliance needs of businesses. Whether it’s an organization’s own employees accessing data for which they are not authorized or outside sources attempting to smear their good names, those responsible for identity and access management need to have an access certification software plan in place.

Fortunately, today’s technologically mobilized world should make this not only possible, but necessary for an organization to practice anytime-anywhere access certifications. Imagine if with the touch of a finger from any mobile device — smartphone, tablet, laptop or even a traditional desktop — an organization could control the power of a fully-integrated compliance management system. Business professionals would be able to approve and revoke access, delete accounts, allow exceptions, attach evidence, and send access validation audit messages related to current access assignments.

Yes, just imagine it… that kind of “app” certainly would make things more accessible for IT professionals, not to mention granting them the kind of around-the-clock ability to manage access, and would include the following:

  1. Access Certification Software: Enables organizations to establish governance, risk and compliance management project selection criteria from an organizational app store
  2. Multilevel Compliance Management Approval: Provides flexible compliance risk management workflow that allows business users to request additional validation from others during an access certification and once a reviewer completes an access certification project, it can be sent off for final review to another team, external auditor or compliance management system.
  3. Governance, Risk and Compliance Revoke: Access certifications ensure that only appropriate resources have access to the systems they need, so actions like revoke access and delete account should be fully integrated with the organization’s user provisioning and access management software.
  4. IT Compliance Management Audit Redirection: Successful access certification software requires teamwork to clarify assignments. Audit control redirection gives security and compliance management teams the opportunity to involve anyone in an audit to help complete the project on time.
  5. Mobilized Identity and Access Governance: Universal, mobile touch-enabled, end-user client interface for access certifications provides graphical controls via a web interface so there is no need to distribute client software. Plus, it makes GRC analytics, modeling and forensics available to everyone to allow them to see who and what they are auditing.
  6. Audit History: Provides audit trails for easy referral back to what was done on all prior access certification software audits. Access past audit data to understand the full lifecycle of access.
  7. Governance, Risk and Compliance Audit Intelligence: Leverages identity and access governance data to perform access certifications anytime/anywhere necessary by including real-time data like end user access, account status, account expiration, last log on and more. Optimize your security and compliance management intelligence.
  8. Compliance Management Solution Project Status: Grants the ability to view the status of all security and compliance management audits easily with a simple glance — an integrated bar graph status bar that shows how many items exist in each access certification, how many are still unread, what percentage is left to complete and the date it is due for instance.
  9. GRC Software Private Flags: Mark IT compliance management communication private with a simple touch or click to prevent identity access certification comments from being shared with outside audit firms.
  10. Color Coding Compliance Management Systems: Facilitates acknowledgement of status quickly and simply by neatly color coding unique symbol interfaces for governance risk compliance quick reference and then allows users to filter, reorder or even hide any color coded IT compliance management category while auditing.

Yeah, imagine access certification software that could do all that… well, it exists!

Avatier’s Compliance Auditor is a revolutionary access certification software solution that is optimized for mobile use — meaning it is available anytime and anywhere — and contributes to the streamlined completion of the most unique access certification requests for organizational reviews and roll up IT compliance management reporting and accountability. All this functionality means one thing: Governance risk and compliance challenges in meeting compliance and regulatory requirements are a thing of the past… of course, we are sorry about the end of the five-day work week.

Watch the Avatier Compliance Auditor Production Introduction to learn more.

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Written by Gary Thompson

Gary Thompson is a 35 year veteran of the PR industry. He was the president of Shandwick International, the world’s largest agency with 2000 people in 90 offices and 32 countries. A million mile flyer on both American and United, he got off the road at the “encouragement” of his wife. Four years ago, he founded his own firm, Clarity Communications, which counts Avatier as one its most successful clients.