Announcing Identity Anywhere: What It Means for IT Managers, Developers, and Security Pros

Announcing Identity Anywhere: What It Means for IT Managers, Developers, and Security Pros

Do you use Docker Containers but keep having to improvise identity management solutions? That era is over. Avatier has become a Dockers Partner. We have the first security and identity management product built on Docker Containers. We’re committed to helping Docker Container users manage and reduce their cybersecurity risk.

Now, what does this announcement mean for you?

We have a few answers to that question, depending on your role: IT manager, developers, or cybersecurity specialists. Let’s explore the implications for technology managers first.

What Does This Mean for IT Managers?

When one of your IT key performance indicators slips out of the green zone, you know you’re going to have a bad day. You may have to meet with the CTO or CIO or have an uncomfortable conversation with a customer. That’s just the surface level problem, as something worse also happens. You have less time to spend on strategy, developing new project ideas, and innovation.

How do you avoid the fate of a reactive IT manager who constantly has to explain away poor performance? You need to use robust systems that work together with minimal problems. For example, if all your developers and operations staff are using Docker Containers, your IT management systems need to be aligned with that choice. To help you simplify your identity management processes, use Avatier Identity Anywhere. It’s built to work with Docker Containers, with no need for your team to tinker with customization.

Making Life Easier for Developers

As a developer, your time is valuable. According to US News, software developers earned a median salary of $100,000 in 2016. That means every hour you spend on workarounds or using outdated systems costs your company money. When your company commits to using Docker Containers, this change needs to resonate with the rest of the organization.

What does this look like at the ground level? You no longer have to send an email to a manager or operations team every time you need an access change. You also don’t have to worry about documenting your access management requests. Instead, use Identity Anywhere to contain all those access requests.

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Helping Cybersecurity Professionals Get Out of the Weeds

In cybersecurity, you’re surrounded by threats. Software weaknesses, IT complexity, and low-cost hacking tools mean it’s easy to launch attacks. At the same time, cybersecurity pros only have so much time in their day. Sure, you might have to burn the midnight oil when you’re responding to an attack. However, if you let that work-around-the-clock mindset continue, your security is going to suffer. You need to leverage tools to take care of the small problems so you can focus on significant issues. For example, you could improve your company’s cybersecurity training program for new employees.

How does Identity Anywhere make a difference? It’s simple. Instead of manually reviewing identity management requests, you can adopt a self-serve model. All requests are handled, logged, and verified according to your security policy (and logs are kept for your auditors to review).

What Else Does Identity Anywhere Bring to the Table?

If this is the first time you’ve heard of Identity Anywhere, you might have a few questions. Full compatibility with Docker Containers is helpful. Here are six ways that Identity Anywhere makes your life easier.

  • Save money on cloud services: Creating a business case for security software is tough. What if there was a way to demonstrate cost savings? It’s more than possible with Avatier! How? You can track cloud app usage through our product and see what your real usage is. For example, you may find out that only 20% of your users are using your customer relationship management cloud app. In that case, you could reduce your cloud license usage right away.
  • Cut down your password complexity: “Not another password policy! I can barely remember my passwords as it is!” That’s what your employees think whenever you impose complicated password rules on them. You can take away password complexity without sacrificing security. How? Use a single sign-on solution.
  • Reduce hacks with Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): A single password is no longer enough to protect your company’s precious data. You need the ability to verify users by phone and other means. We have built-in support for MFA, so your users can verify their access easily.
  • Fulfill demanding compliance requirements: Do you need to meet demanding requirements in healthcare, government, or banking? Some products are just not up for the challenge. Avatier’s client list – the Government of Alaska, Central National Bank, and more – shows that you’re in good hands when it comes to meeting exacting compliance standards. Learn more about how we can help you with SOX compliance.
  • Flexible hosting: Unlike other Software As A Service products, Identity Anywhere is available in hosted and non-hosted. The non-hosted option is a good choice for organizations that require in-house control and oversight over software. This flexibility is a good option for organizations that are anxious about software in the cloud.
  • Simple pricing: If you’ve ever bought an enterprise software product, you know that price tends to be complicated. There are discount codes, credits, and so forth. Identity Anywhere is simple. You pay per user so you can easily forecast your expenses. You can scale up and down as your headcount changes over time.

What’s Next for Your Container Technology Program?

Using Identity Anywhere is an excellent way to improve identity management in a container environment. What are the other benefits to using containers? Productivity improvement through time savings is a critical benefit. Instead of constantly tinkering with settings, you can use one container. That means you’ll have more time to work on innovative technology products. Second, you’ll be able to attract and retain better technical talent because you have newer technology such as containers in place.

Written by Nelson Cicchitto