Avatier Identity Anywhere Meets NERC Compliance Software Reliability Principles

Avatier Identity Anywhere Meets NERC Compliance Software Reliability Principles

For top enterprises, compliance initiatives are more than meeting a specific regulation. Compliance management is more than a one-time event. Compliance regulations provide guidelines for organizations to continuously improve through processes, actions and reporting that is repeatable, sustainable and cost-effective.

The North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) sets the IT security and compliance requirements for North American bulk electric systems. Avatier Identity Anywhere aims to streamline costs and reduce risks all while meeting compliance regulations such as NERC through automation and self-service administration.

To meet NERC’s focuses on measurable performance, risk mitigation strategies, and security, Avatier Identity Management Software (AIMS) offers a comprehensive enterprise identity management, access governance and compliance management.

Avatier’s compliance management software aligns IT audits in accordance with the following NERC Reliability Principles:

  • Reliability Principle 3Avatier Balanced Scorecard software enables organization to visually analyze information necessary for the planning and operation of interconnected bulk electric systems. This feature reports on security metrics and trends immediately in order to properly plan, operate, and sustain systems reliably.
  • Reliability Principle 5Avatier Lifecycle Management’s automated controls feature user access privileges to facilities, server rooms, and physical network access to ensure the security and reliability of interconnected bulk electric systems. 
  • Reliability Principle 7Avatier Compliance Auditor provides a holistic access certification view into staffing, account, facility, and equipment provisioning. This feature gives responsibilities in monitoring and assessing privileges to managers rather than IT to increase efficiency and improve security.

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Written by Steven Tran