Avatier Identity Anywhere Scores Five Stars from SC Magazine

Avatier Identity Anywhere Scores Five Stars from SC Magazine

Empowering businesses at a lower cost.

Avatier is pleased to announce that its Identity Management Suite v9 was awarded a five star product review from SC Magazine. The review highlights a number of key strengths and benefits, including flexible architecture, comprehensive data security protocols, self-service automation, and a well-designed user interface. And, according to the review, it’s a good value for the money to boot.

Avatier Identity Management Software Suite (AIMS) integrates with on-premise custom programs, off-the-shelf solutions and cloud-based applications through its flexible connector framework. These connectors configure seamlessly with key systems to automate identity and access management, password reset, user provisioning, and access governance.

SC Magazine’s review underscores the importance and effectiveness of key AIMS components, including:

  • Lifecycle Management — puts access management capabilities into the hands of the user
  • IT Store — allows users to request business and IT services through an online store
  • Balanced Scorecard — facilitates risk assessment and management
  • Password Management — enables self-service passwords reset and management

These components deliver comprehensive data security protocols around user provisioning, access governance, IT risk management and password management.

The review sheds light on the advantages of self-service automation, mentioning the importance of the self-service password reset and IT store features. Self-service password reset functionality, the report states, empowers users to handle their identity and access management on their own and eliminates costly and time consuming calls to the Help Desk. The IT store enables access risk management and users can make requests for assets, access and applications through a fully-featured online store.

SC magazine describes the AIMS as deceptively simple and easily navigated by both technical and non-technical users. However, the report states, underneath this clean and intuitive interface is a robust, fully featured product.

The information included with the installation and the array of options presented based on feature selection is described as extensive. The various service packages available also provide flexibility and choice for clients and prospects.

At Avatier simplifying, streamlining and securing identity management for organizations across the board is at the core of what we do. We believe that empowering business users to handle their own identity and access management is a win-win all around. Users benefit from the ability to manage their own accounts — both on site and remotely — without going through the hassle of issuing an IT ticket and waiting for service. And, on the flip side, the IT department benefits from improved efficiency, reduced costs and more time to focus on strategic projects.

We also know that our clients need a flexible architecture and solid security protocols — and we designed Avatier AIMS with those considerations in mind. We are pleased and honored that SC Magazine recognized our commitment to these principles and awarded our product this prestigious distinction. We are — and always will be — committed to innovating and improving our offerings to provide the best possible service, features and data security protection to our clients.

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Written by Gary Thompson

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