Avatier Packs Major Identity Management Changes into AIMS 9.5

Avatier Packs Major Identity Management Changes into AIMS 9.5


This month the company launched the latest version of its Avatier Identity Anywhere (AIMS) providing several significant additions. AIMS 9.5 now includes SMS self-service password reset, a new patented approach to increased IT store intelligence, and revolutionary risk mitigation throughout.

Enterprise Password Management

AIMS’ Password Management module now features SMS two-factor authentication without requiring external SMS service fees and new equipment.

Business users can enroll using their current carrier and because Password Management generates and sends SMS codes without the need to integrate a third-party code generator, there is no transmission cost to companies. Phone number verification occurs during the enrollment process and authentication of users via SMS is also integrated into the Help Desk component.

Password Management now also has complete web service ticketing integration with LANDESK. LANDESK, with over 300 channel partners worldwide, is the newest member of Avatier’s software reseller partner program.

IT Risk Mitigation

The AIMS solution remains heavily focused on risk mitigation. The identity manager now assigns risk values based on systems, access privileges and business user accounts to give a holistic view of an identity’s enterprise risk. The aggregated risk score shows a user’s overall risk tailored to the corporation’s environment, and includes built-in Risk Radar™ to assist with risk-based decision-making based on your workflow and business rules during access, service requests, and corresponding approval processes.

AIMS 9.5 is the only Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) software in the industry that provides automated aggregate risk scoring. Avatier’s Risk Radar™ looks beyond mere access to include assets and business attributes. With this new upgrade, Avatier customers will benefit from risk management integrated into their identity management processes.

IT Store Intelligence

AIMS™ 9.5 also includes patent pending IT store intelligence in its Lifecycle Management™ module. For IT store managers, the technology provides a real-time visual representation of the life cycle of items in an IT service catalog. Based on historical and real-time catalog data, AIMS™ provides administrators an intuitive view of their store so it can be kept current with valid items. AIMS™ 9.5 allows customers to set a threshold for service catalog lifecycle events. IT store analytics provide valuable information about the items in a service catalog such as item age, days since last request, number of items in use, workflow timeframes and more.

IDC analyst Sally Hudson commented that, “As more and more items are added to Actionable Service Catalogs every year, they have become unwieldy and, like any good resource, it makes sense for IT to clean them up, eliminate some of the unnecessary items and focus on those that are having the best impact on the corporation. This will not only assist in determining which items have reached their end of life in any given organization, saving money, but as a result of streamlining the catalogues, they will become easier for business users to navigate.”

Identity and Access Governance Risks

Avatier is the only company to offer a holistic out-of-the-box configurable solution for managing, auditing and reporting identity and access governance risks with its Compliance Auditor™ product. With this module, access certifications are simplified and business users are empowered to ensure access is appropriate. Compliance Auditor™ comes fully integrated with Lifecycle Management™ and Service Catalog™ risk scoring capabilities. It allows audit owners to accelerate the collection status of their audits with the “Project Diagnostic Tracker”.

Compliance Auditor™ provides revolutionary value in repetitive and recurring access certification audits. It literally allows IT to add more eyes to access certifications and governance. Compliance Auditor™ delivers just-in-time audits for access, assets and other service requests for employees, contractors, and privileged identities. Compliance Auditor offers built-in self-certification for employees and managers to ensure the right access is assigned, and auditable.

AIMS 9.5 comes with five new connectors for Office 365, Microsoft Lync, GENBAND, McAfee End Point Encryption, and SuccessFactors.com.

It is available immediately as an upgrade or as a first-time purchase.

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Written by Gary Thompson

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