Avatier Password Management + RSA

Avatier Password Management + RSA

Avatier Password Management now works directly in conjunction with RSA SecurID Management to offer an even more simplified yet secured network. Using RSA, users can now reset his or her own password across all of their networks and applications without the help from IT or help desks. This synchronization gives users the power and convenience in resetting their own passwords when lost or forgotten.

How it works:

  1. Users will call into a secured line using the RSA SecurID Phone Reset
  1. Enter the PIN number provided by the RSA token
  1. Provide additional authentication methods such as speaker recognition or answering one or two personal questions
  1. Receive a new password

The integration of Avatier Password Management and RSA SecurID Management creates an even more secured environment to protect the identities and passwords. User experiences will be greatly enhanced as they can now verify and reset their own passwords within minutes without impeding IT help.

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Written by Steven Tran