Avatier vs Centrify

Avatier vs Centrify

Identity and access management (IAM) is your first line of digital defense. 

The collection of technologies is your gatekeeper. It verifies a user’s identity, opening the door to your company’s files and software. Simultaneously, it denies access to unauthorized parties or users who don’t have the appropriate clearance. 

This may seem straightforward, but securing access is becoming increasingly complex. Business technologies have evolved from singular on-premise networks accessed only from a work computer. Today, companies use a combination of cloud and on-premise systems with a range of apps, devices and access points. Not only does this widen your security threshold, but end users frequently take login shortcuts because they’re engaging with so many platforms. 

Today’s businesses are challenged to find solutions that can provide the trifecta: 

1) cutting-edge security, 

2) streamlined administration, and 

3) ease of use at access points.

Learn why you may want to consider Avatier as an alternative to Centrify for your IAM.

You Need to Go Beyond Access Management

Both Avatier and Centrify offer an access management suite that includes multi-factor authentication (MFA), user behavior analytics, system audits, group management and more. 

However, as of 2018, Centrify no longer provides Identity as a Service (IDaaS).

Centrify’s pitch is that their focus on access management is why their solutions are great. However, you probably realize that tech companies can be great at more than one thing. After all, Google offers search, email, maps, cloud storage and more. 

Avatier’s offers a full line of services for both identity and access. You can get SSO (single sign-on), access governance, password management, lifecycle and AI Virtual Assistant all from a single provider. 

Rather than further fragmenting your business technologies, a single IAM provider helps you to streamline overhead while giving you access to leading-edge tools. 

Are You Using the Best Solution for Hybrid Multi-Cloud?

Avatier goes beyond traditional IAM structures with the world’s first Identity as a Container (IDaaC) solution. 

Leveraging Docker container technology, Identity Anywhere is a portable, scalable and secure solution. It can run anywhere, on any cloud, on any device, and across hybrid multi-cloud networks. 

Today’s tech infrastructure includes a mixed bag of clouds, networks, apps and devices. For example, users flip seamlessly between using a private email server on a work computer, a Slack thread on a personal smartphone, and a company’s GDrive network on a computer at home. 

Centrify’s solutions became notable in the early 2000s when on-premise IAM was done by extending Microsoft Active Directory to macOS and Linux systems. The company says its current solution works “across on-premises and hybrid cloud.” 

Centrify itself recently reported that 76 percent of surveyed businesses use more than one identity directory for their cloud strategy. This puts them at risk of “identity sprawl” attacks.

Using Avatier to deploy IAM containers helps you get beyond the limitations and complexity of a blended computing environment. Simultaneously, a unified digital dashboard helps provide the necessary oversight of your business systems. 

Plus, consistent functionality of IDaaC across OS, device and network helps strengthen the underlying security and stability of your application.

Best Alternative to Centrify

Your business needs cutting-edge security to stay one step ahead of threats. The most effective IAM provides a strong defense and a seamless user experience across all environments. 

With Avatier’s Identity Anywhere, you won’t bet your future on last century’s architecture.

Avatier helps you protect against security gaps through independently secured IAM that uses a cloud-agnostic deployment of Docker containers. With Avatier’s Identity Anywhere, you’ll have hyper scalability, continuous delivery, maximum security and portable freedom. 

Written by Nelson Cicchitto