Avatier vs. OneLogin – Which Identity and Access Platform Should You Use?

Avatier vs. OneLogin – Which Identity and Access Platform Should You Use?

An aspect of IT security, Identity and Access Management (IAM) is an increasingly important area of technology that involves user authentication, categorical access based on user group, improved user productivity with SSO, and streamlined user provisioning.

The implementation of IAM can have a significant impact on your business, including an improvement in security, reduced costs, mitigation against risks, and stronger safeguards.

Are you deciding which identity management solution is best for your business? Avatier and OneLogin are two major providers of IAM technology, each offering tools such as Single Sign-On, Multi-factor Authentication, and User Provisioning.

However, the two platforms have significant differences in what they offer. To help you decide which might be the best access management provider for your business, let’s review these key points of difference.

Avatier vs. OneLogin: Security

When it comes to choosing a provider to manage user access, security is everything.

Notably, OneLogin had a significant data breach in 2017 where hackers gained access to user information, apps, keys, and sensitive data that they may have been able to decrypt. The company revealed that the malicious party gained access via an Amazon Web Services (AWS) key. Following the breach, the company took steps to mitigate the risk, including strengthening AWS key management and adjusting how it monitors AWS API endpoint signals.

This 2017 breach occurred less than 12 months after another OneLogin breach. In 2016, the company revealed that an unauthorized player had access for at least a month to the company’s log storage and analytics system, and were able to read unencrypted “Secure Notes” because of a bug in the logging system. Again, following this incident, remediation steps were taken to update OneLogin.

During both incidents, the company has taken effort to be transparent about the breach and take action, including consulting external cybersecurity consultants. Following the 2017 breach, it even shook up the management team. Only time will reveal if the company’s latest strategy will secure the system against a third security breach.

Comparatively, Avatier has been an innovator in identity management solutions for more than two decades, and has helped secure more than seven million user accounts worldwide.  Recently, the 2017 KuppingerCole Leadership Compass Report named Avatier an Innovation Leader in its industry analysis, citing its “leading-edge user interfaces with strong support for mobile users.”

Avatier vs. OneLogin: Cross-Platform Access

Earlier this year, OneLogin deployed a tool called OneLogin Access, which allows its access tools to be used on-premises, at remote data centers, and in private clouds. It’s been said that this cross-platform capability gives OneLogin the edge against some of its competitors. As OneLogin’s newly appointed chief security officer Justin Calmus explains, “What we are trying to do at OneLogin is to wrap all of these different disparate and complex systems [together] so that we can manage your identity across the board, no matter what — if you are on a desktop, if it is in the cloud, if it is on premises.”

However, OneLogin isn’t the only IAM provider that offers platform flexibility.

Avatier’s suite of Identity Anywhere services is the world’s first Identity-as-a-Container (IDaaC) solution that uses container technology to run anywhere: on any cloud, on premise, or a private cloud instance hosted by Avatier.

Avatier’s use of container technology for identity management goes beyond the benefits of cross-platform functionality to provide:

  • Flexibility to deploy your IAM solutions at scale
  • Eliminate dual-administration by authenticating using native directories without synchronization and redundant replication of users, passwords, and groups
  • Reduced surface of cybersecurity vulnerability by running on a single function, minified operating system

While both OneLogin and Avatier are offering cross-platform functionality, the innovative and revolutionary approach of Avatier’s Identity-as-a-Container means Avatier doesn’t just solve today’s cross-platform needs, but it also future-proofs your enterprise against the challenges of the technologies to come

Avatier vs. OneLogin: Plans and Cost

With OneLogin, users are forced to choose from three tiers of packages, each with a pre-defined collection of services. Depending on the package you choose, additional add-ons such as OneLogin Desktop may be available.

Comparatively, Avatier lets you choose your services à la carte. In a hosted environment, the monthly cost for SSO is just $2 per user, access governance is $3 per user, password management is $1.50 per user, and lifecycle management is $5 per user. When purchasing Avatier services individually, you’re able to order just the tools you want, without paying extra for things you don’t need.


After comparing Avatier and OneLogin, we find that OneLogin’s history of security breaches make it a questionable choice as your IAM provider.

“Wow! That’s really bad!,” reacted TechCrunch about an email that OneLogin sent which read: “All customers served by our US data center are affected; customer data was compromised, including the ability to decrypt encrypted data”

Even though past security breaches are no indication of what could happen in the future, a cybersecurity event can cause devastating harm to businesses. When looking for a tool that can protect your business’ digital assets, consider that nearly 60 percent of hacked small and medium-sized businesses go out of business within six months.

Additionally, OneLogin cross-platform access isn’t unique. Avatier’s revolutionary Identity-as-a-Container tool provides cross-platform accessibility, functioning across cloud and on-side environments. Moreover, the containerization of an identity solution offers rapid scalability, reduced cybersecurity vulnerability, and streamlined administration.

Learn more about how Avatier can help your business with identity management and SSO.

Written by Nelson Cicchitto