HDI Conference & Expo Help Desk Case Studies

HDI Conference & Expo Help Desk Case Studies

HDI Conference peer to peer learning.

As far events go, the HDI Conference & Expo is fun. General speaking, security and IT professionals are a serious bunch. On the other hand, help desk professionals have a good time. Don’t get me wrong – It’s a broadening event. From analysts and salt of the earth operators, everyone is remarkably friendly. Conference goers express openness and they’re eager to improve their services.

This year was no exception. The sessions and keynotes were filled with provocative speakers and content. With over 2,400 support professionals, you learn directly from your peers. Which makes HDI, the premier event for discovering best practices and emerging trends.

HDI Customer Case Studies

This year we were delighted two of our customers shared their experience. Computer Services, Inc. (CSI) delivers cloud solutions to banks and credit unions. United States Gypsum (USG) is a leading producer and distributor of construction materials.

Two organizations with unique missions and customers have one thing in common. They set the standard in customer engagement and help desk password management. Their goal to improve service levels lead to a similar result. They both eliminated between thirty to fifty percent of call center requests.

In offering a self-service password reset solution, they empowered their user community. This change directly resulted in an improvement in service levels. These improvements enabled each company to optimize their data center resources.

CSI — Resource Optimization Case Study

CSI delivers innovative cloud solutions to banks, credit unions, and businesses. Gary Hein, CSI’s Cloud Services Manager, spoke on how to gain efficiencies without increasing operating expenses. His objective was pragmatic and formidable.

CSI needed to simplify their desktop support. So Gary set out to make it easier for users to be supported. Their environment ranged from “dumb” terminals to mainframes and integrated enterprise systems. He wanted problems resolved on the first call. He needed to reduce hands-on support by leveraging automation and self-service. In meeting his directive, he found a better way to work. Their new operations also came at a lower cost.

USG — Service Focused Case Study

USG is North America’s leading producer and distributor of gypsum and construction products. Will Cheng, USG’s End User Computing Lead, addressed ways to improve service levels by providing options. His challenge was to extend self-service options and improve the user experience.

Will spoke about the evolution of IT. A one-option model is no longer feasible. Users require options from live support to chat, email, and phone resets. From commodity to product and experience, service level standards are being raised. At the same time, users are changing and their environments differ considerably. In offering self-service options, USG lowered costs by $100,000 the first year.

Summary Headline

The case studies expressed the importance of establishing a positive user experience. For every solution, users satisfaction with the experience determines success. Most often this experience begins at login. With business operations, the goal is more than speed. Solutions must not disrupt business operations. They actually need to do the opposite. Self-service must make business operations better.

By reducing help desk operations, the companies could redirect their IT services. They now focus on more strategic activities and customer serving engagement, which also means exploring new areas of access management, provisioning, and governance.

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Written by Trevor Harp

Trevor Harp, currently serves as the Director of Customer Success at Avatier, an enterprise identity management and IT security company. In his role, Trevor ensures breakthrough experiences for new customers and continuous improvement for existing ones. Trevor is a top-performing sales management professional with over 17 years' experience in direct B2B and OEM enterprise software and technology sales and national account management. Previously, Trevor served as Global Business Development Director at Keyence, a leading factory automation equipment manufacturer, where he was responsible for global business development efforts with multi-national customers and emerging international markets.