Kinecta Achieved a Six-Figure Savings in Less Than a Year With Avatier’s Password Reset Solution

Kinecta Achieved a Six-Figure Savings in Less Than a Year With Avatier’s Password Reset Solution

Kinecta was founded in October of 1940, and has grown into a leader in the financial services industry. Kinecta serves over 270,000 member-owners. This growth results in a need to increase efficiency while abiding by increasingly-strict government regulations. The company began as a way to help their members fulfill their dreams, and they are still committed to delivery unequalled value.

The Problem

Kinecta needs to integrate all user management solutions into their two separate Active Directory environments, making this a key factor in their solution decisions. Their growth as a company has created an increase in help desk tickets which created a need for a password reset solution. With an increase in virtual break-ins, the government is requiring stricter security and policies implemented.

The Solution

Kinecta chose to use Avatier’s password reset solution, Password Management. With time, Kinecta is looking into further integration with Avatier’s Identity and Access Management solutions.

There’s more work to be done in the future, as Ms. Amiri knows. “Once we set up this Active Directory hook and got started with Avatier, we planned to dive into an identity and access management solution over time.” That timeline may be sped up by new legislation requirements for banks to increase security measures to protect their customers from cyber attacks. Fortunately, any new regulations that are established can be satisfied by the many tools such as MFA Biometrics that are available from Avatier, whose products exceed military-standard security protocols.


Kinecta was able to install Password Management, even with the customization needed to integrate with two separate Active Directory environments, in six weeks. The phone reset capabilities and user-friendly admin GUI and configuration on the admin side were key selling point. The robust features surpassing those of competitors stood out when deciding which solution to go with.

The results were quickly apparent. Eight months later, service desk ticket volume has been reduced by approximately 15%, and the savings have already matched the annual expectation.

Kirun Amiri, Director of IT Service Delivery, stated “Even though it hasn’t been a full year of using this business tool, we’ve already met out savings goal.”


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Written by Rowena Bonnette