KuppingerCole ‘Compass’ Points to Identity Management Software Innovator

KuppingerCole ‘Compass’ Points to Identity Management Software Innovator

KuppingerCole recognizes innovation.

Innovation is one of Avatier’s core values and a key to its cyber security strategy in identity management software. But it’s one thing to tell people you’re innovative; it’s another thing all together to have an expert in the identity management software field confirm it. That’s what happened last week when KuppingerCole, a leading global analyst company for identity management software, named Avatier an Innovation Leader in its annual "KuppingerCole Leadership Compass" on IT service catalog user access provisioning.

To be more precise, KuppingerCole founder and principal analyst Martin Kuppinger said Avatier takes an "innovative, highly user-centric approach on Identity Provisioning."

He adds that, "Overall, the paradigm is very much driven by a service request-oriented approach and a high degree of user centrism while still providing broad support for automation."

Undoubtedly, Kuppinger is referring to the innovations embedded within Avatier’s identity management software suite of products, which can execute account and user access provisioning and deprovisioning audit controls with no administrative intervention based on data from an HR system as well as self service access requests and workflow-enforced approvals through automation and an intuitive GUI.

To access a copy of the report, visit: http://www.kuppingercole.com/report/leadershipcompidentityprovisioning7015115102012.

Watch Ryan Ward, Chief Innovation Officer at Avatier, describe how to return identity and access management to the business user with Avatier’s Identity Access Management software.

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Written by Gary Thompson

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