New Identity Management for the Mobile Workforce Avatier Identity Anywhere (AIMS) 10

New Identity Management for the Mobile Workforce Avatier Identity Anywhere (AIMS) 10

Identity management just got mobile.

As the global leader and innovator of the most user-centric identity management software on the market, we are proud to announce at the Gartner ITxpo 2015 the release of the Avatier Identity Anywhere (AIMS) 10. As the newest and most powerful upgrade to our solutions used by millions of users and IT departments worldwide, AIMS 10 represents a new "mobile first" responsive framework taking a quantum leap in web development. Designed to automate IT operations and elevate self-service, AIMS 10 optimizes identity management and allow organizations to maximize efficiency without compromising security. Forever focused on the business user first, Avatier now extends identity management to the mobile workforce with AIMS 10.

Knowing the Avatier Identity Anywhere represents the most user-centric solution on the market, we recognize the best IAM solution is always our next version. AIMS 10 delivers on that promise. With companies demanding versatile access to 24/7 operations such as single sign-on, disabling access, resetting passwords, and unlocking accounts, these corporate requirements fueled the enhancements in AIMS 10. Resulting in an integrated functional interface that can be accessed anywhere at anytime, AIMS 10 offers the most business-focused user-centric identity management solution available to enterprises and government agencies.

In AIMS 10, Avatier offers new features focused on enterprise mobility, administrator empowerment, and enhanced security. Avatier’s modern UI and responsive framework enable users to perform these operations just as easily from mobile devices and tablets as well as the more traditional laptops and desktops. AIMS’ administrators can leverage our new Avatier Support knowledge base with configuration best practices, instructional videos, Smart Start, and contextual help built-in. With a touch, you’ll see why we are so excited.

Modern UI and Responsive Design for the Mobile Workforce

Designed for the mobile workforce, AIMS 10 offers an all-new user interface. Our clarity, consistency and familiarity, allow users to do everything more quickly and conveniently from anywhere. AIMS now adapts to multiple screen sizes and optimizes to different viewpoints and orientation. So using Avatier is a whole new experience that’s more convenient and responsive than ever. With AIMS 10, enterprise password management, single sign-on, user provisioning and governance are just a touch away.

Add Security without Interrupting Business Processes

Avatier offers a proven enterprise-level identity management solution with military-grade security. AIMS, which is used by hundreds of organizations, government agencies and universities, supports an unlimited number of business users at a single time. New features in AIMS 10 are engineered to deliver enhanced security. AIMS 10 includes the following security enhancements:

  • Mac Password Kiosk: Avatier continues to innovate and introduces in AIMS 10 the new Mac Reset Kiosk™. Now, Mac users, just as Microsoft Windows users have been accustomed to doing, can reset their passwords without needing to log onto a company’s network. AIMS 10 allows Apple users to reset LDAP or Active Directory credentials as well as their local cache credentials through the Mac logon. AIMS 10 lets you enforce a unified password policy, while enabling Mac users to reset passwords without making a help desk request.
  • Encryption Key Rotation: Secure identity management starts with Avatier’s new Encryption Key Rotation™. Government agencies, the financial industry, and all organizations vulnerable to zero-day exploits will benefit from AIMS 10 state-of-the-art security layer that provides protection on top of today’s most current encryption technology. Rotation of encryption keys along with scheduling how often an organization rotates keys is now available with Avatier AIMS 10 along with two-factor, multifactor, and two-party recovery.
  • Auto Update Entitlements: Updates to privileges now automatically update entitlement to all previously assigned users. Policy and role changes are problematic for companies that depend heavily on automated IT operations. Modifying privileges for current users, managing risks associated with changes and maintaining compliance can degrade operational consistencies and cause loss of overall integrity within the company. AIMS 10 avoids the issues of noncompliance and misuse of privileges by coordinating privilege changes automatically to ensure everyone remains up-to-date with company policies.
  • Multifactor Experience: Add multifactor security without adding costs. AIMS 10 removes security tokens and smart cards from your bottom line. AIMS extends SMS authentication to include secondary email. Users no longer require cell phones or a downloaded app for SMS authentication. They can use SMS email instead. Stop relying on third party tokens, smart cards and readers for multi-factor authentication.

New Connectors and Enhanced Identity Management Features

With AIMS 10, Avatier puts the mobile user and cloud first as seen with our new and enhanced connectors. AIMS 10 added the ability to create and manage ServiceNow, HP Service Manager, Cherwell, Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 users with AIMS. Help desk professionals and business users can use AIMS 10 to perform user provisioning, enterprise password management and single sign-on requests for these systems.

In AIMS 10, user account creation, role assignment, privileges and group memberships are ticketed in an ITSM system. When users reset passwords, unlock accounts, synchronize passwords, and fulfill multifactor authentication challenges, all AIMS events are recorded and ticketed in the ITSM system.

AIMS 10 connectors enable enterprise password management, user management, and access governance for the following systems.

  • Google Apps: with more than 1.43 million apps and over 400,000 developers, the number of Google apps doubled last year. To ensure integration with Google’s new API, AIMS updated and enhanced our connector.
  • ServiceNow: with over 2,000 customers worldwide, ServiceNow is used by 400 of the Global 2000 organizations. AIMS 10 includes a connector for ServiceNow ticketing and user management integration
  • Microsoft Office 365: For Microsoft’s fastest growing commercial product ever, AIMS 10 provides integration with Office 365 e-mail, software, social networking services, and SharePoint.
  • HP Service Manager: Positioned #2 in the IT Service Management Market, HP Service Manager is used by over 20% of the market. AIMS now has a connector for HP Service Manager ticketing and user management integration.
  • Cherwell ITSM: As the fastest-growing ITSM vendor, Cherwell offers customers an on-premise or SaaS ITSM solution. We added a connector for Cherwell ticketing and user management integration
  • RACF: IBM’s RACF provides access control and auditing functionality for an estimated 65% of the world’s mission critical data. AIMS 10 offers an enhanced connector for RACF.

Administrator Empowerment and Expertise at Your Fingertips

AIMS 10 embeds contextual help into the suite’s Configuration UI. Our built-In knowledge base turns AIMS administrators into experts. Administrators can access over 1,800 wiki pages of AIMS product documentation, FAQs, and best practices from our Avatier Support portal. AIMS lets administrators train, engage in structured learning and receive the most up to date support as they work.

In our configuration module, AIMS 10 includes embedded videos with contextual learning hooks. AIMS 10 delivers technical video vignettes that are difficult to convey in text. Administrators can now leverage expert product optimizations and system enhancements. With training integrated in the system, administrators receive the highest levels of learning in real time when they need it most.

Additionally, each AIMS module begins with Smart Start, which lists configuration best practices and links to more information and videos. Administrators can start each AIMS module by following expert guidance and instruction on configuring security and deploying advanced features. AIMS 10 leverages contextual video support for system features and modules.

We made it easy to configure and learn as you go. It’s why we are the most user-centric identity management software in the marketplace.

With AIMS 10 Everybody Wins

In releasing AIMS 10, we focused on three main initiatives. We set out to design and build an advanced mobility identity management framework, improve on security originally developed for the most secure military installations, and simplify the world’s most ‘user friendly’ Identity and Access Management Suite by making it available from any device. These were the most challenging tasks we have undertaken thus far.
Our customers have validated this release, citing a much improved user experience, while administrators receive dynamically updated built-in contextual training videos and knowledge base help. In doing so, Avatier has created the world’s first abstraction layer for a contextual help system with integrated structured learning. With AIMS 10, Avatier raises the user-centric bar for business users; help desk staff and administrators by leveraging easy-to-use, consumer-friendly features.

AIMS 10 expands mobile user and administrator capabilities for password management, access management, single sign-on and access governance. Most important, AIMS 10 provides enterprise ready identity and access management controls while fulfilling organizational demand for easy, fast and secure solutions similar to consumer and mobile applications. If you happen to be at Gartner ITxpo this week, stop by booth #1043 in the Pacific Hall of the Walt Disney World Dolphin and Swan. Ask to see the latest. We’re happy to give you a demo and sign you up for an opportunity to win an Apple Watch.

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Written by Nelson Cicchitto

Nelson Cicchitto serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Avatier Corporation where he oversees its overall corporate and product strategies. He is a career information technology leader with over 20 years of experience defining and implementing information technology visions for Fortune 100 companies. Nelson continues to lead in commercializing the world’s most user-centric delegated administration solutions for Windows, Linux and the Cloud.