Secure Your Digital Systems With Assisted Updates And Migrations

Secure Your Digital Systems With Assisted Updates And Migrations

Did you know that using outdated technology exposes your company to significant security risks?

Because legacy software can no longer be patched or updated, systems that use older technology will not be secure against today’s current threats. In fact, 44% of data breaches are caused by known system vulnerabilities. The below infographic looks at which systems are vulnerable, the recommendations of cybersecurity experts, and how Avatier can help.


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Is your business still using MS SQL Server 2008/R2, which stopped being supported in 2014, or Windows Server 2008, which stopped being supported in 2015? If so, your company faces elevated security risk for cyberattacks, in addition to being out of compliance with today’s security standards. The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team and the Department of Homeland Security identify legacy software as a serious security issue. Using older software may also result in compatibility problems because new apps and devices are not designed for legacy systems.

What’s the best way to protect and secure my organization from cyberattack?

Experts say the best way to protect your organization from digital threats is by updating all unsupported systems. In fact, installing software updates was the top recommendation by the experts, far surpassing the non-experts’ top priority of using an antivirus program. When a software update is released, it’s essentially advertising the security vulnerability that the previous version had. Any malicious players can then seek out any systems that have not yet been updated and exploit that security vulnerability.

Expert recommendations to keep you secure:

  • Install software updates (35%)
  • Use unique passwords (25%)
  • Use two-factor authentication (20%)
  • Use strong passwords (19%)
  • Use a password manager (12%)

Additionally, security experts are much quicker to install updates than non-experts. The longer that a system is not updated, the greater chance that a hacker can exploit a security vulnerability. The rate at which experts update their software is: automatic 39%, immediately 25%, soon after 24%, and eventually to never 12%. The rate at which non-experts update their software is: automatic 29%, immediately 9%, soon after 24%, and eventually to never 38%.

Avatier Can Help

Avatier Express Services helps your organization seamlessly migrate to the latest and most secure technologies. By working with the Avatier Express Services team, your migration will be quick and painless due to the team’s vast experience doing migrations across a variety of versions and environments.

Your IT department will save time and resources by hiring Avatier to efficiently complete migrations, freeing them up to focus on other priorities.

About Avatier Express Services

Avatier’s available services include Server Migration, Database Migration, and Assisted Upgrade.

As part of Avatier’s Server Migration, we ensure proper backups, we update software versions, and we migrate via Avatier’s secure webserver. Next we assess and update licenses, and update SSL certificates. Then we test and debug your system to ensure accurate transfer. Finally, we decommission the outdated server.

With Avatier’s Database Migration, we ensure proper backups, and then we migrate data to a new SQL Server. We thoroughly test and debug the system to ensure accurate transfer. Lastly, we adjust the configurations.

For our Assisted Upgrade service, we begin by ensuring proper backups. Then we update your web servers, and apply branding changes. Next, we restore services. Finally, we test and debug your system to ensure accurate transfer.

For all of our Express Service Offerings, Avatier performs all work remotely via screen share. Additionally, you’ll have a dedicated Avatier Engineer guide the process and answer questions.

The Results of Using Avatier Express Services

Using Avatier to secure your digital systems with assisted update and migration services has a number of benefits:

First of all, it’s high security. All Avatier products and services are designed to exceed military security standards.

During the process of updating to the latest software, we help you eliminate vulnerabilities because up-to-date software will protect you from the latest security threats.

Our services also are a time savings. Our clients report 50% faster migrations when performed by Avatier migration experts than by IT generalists.

Additionally, our migration experts have in-depth backgrounds and can provide advanced problem solving capabilities to troubleshoot as needed.

Your staff will experience increased productivity due to a shorter system down-time because of IT expert specializations.

Using our assisted update and migration services will also increase your ROI by maximizing your Avatier Identity Anywhere (AIMS™) and Password Management investments.

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Written by Nelson Cicchitto