The Lowest Hanging Fruit: Why Self-Service Password Reset Software Makes Dollars and Sense

The Lowest Hanging Fruit: Why Self-Service Password Reset Software Makes Dollars and Sense

Self-service password reset software cuts costs.

When you’re a C-level executive, it’s your job to allocate budgets on a macro level. As part of this process you’re evaluating risk, ROI, and how long it will take to break even. You’re rightly focused on defining strategic direction for your organization and don’t get bogged down with the details of the tactics. However, it’s the easy wins buried in the tactics that can make the biggest impact, and you will be hard-pressed to find lower hanging fruit than self-service password reset software.

According to the Help Desk Institute, the average cost incurred today to service a single call is about $24. By contrast, a self-service query costs about $1. When you consider the volume of routine, simplistic calls your Help Desk receives that could easily be diverted to a self-service interface for resolution, the potential savings are staggering. Where do you start? With self-service password reset software.

An automated password reset tool is so critical because of the sheer volume of calls that the typical Help Desk fields daily around password management. Recent studies consistently show that queries related to resetting passwords on average comprise nearly a third of total call volume to the Help Desk across organizations. This is a sobering statistic when you realize that you’re spending $24 per call for a routine process that business users could easily administer themselves through automated password reset capabilities.

Just how impactful is self-service password management? Consider this example. Let’s say your organization employs 100,000 people across the globe. If, on average, 1% of your staff contacts the help desk on any given day, that’s a total of 1,000 calls. If one-third of those calls are related to password management, you’re looking at an average daily expense of nearly $8,000 just to service these inquiries. By contrast, if you’ve automated the process, you’re looking at an average daily expense of $333. At 26 workdays per year, you will save nearly $2M by implementing self-service password management capabilities.

Imagine what you could do with $2M in additional operating capital — develop new product lines, add head count, improve infrastructure and streamline processes. By automating password management, you drastically reduce your OPEX, boost your profitability and free up capital for other important investments

The risk associated with the investment is negligible because you’re investing in an ensured and dramatic cost savings that will benchmark favorably on ROI. There’s no doubt about it — investing in identity and access management software makes dollars and sense.

Watch the video to see how senior security analysts at Gwinnett Medical Center discuss their active directory password reset success:

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Written by Gary Thompson

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