Avatier Identity Management and Cherwell Software Strategic Alliance Makes ITSM and Enterprise Cloud Computing Better

Avatier Identity Management and Cherwell Software Strategic Alliance Makes ITSM and Enterprise Cloud Computing Better

Avatier announces a Strategic Alliance Partnership with Cherwell Software.

Today, at the Cherwell Global Conference, we announced an incredible partnership with Cherwell Software™, a leading IT Service Management (ITSM) vendor, business and workforce enablement system. Our strategic alliance partnership with Cherwell ensures best practices are utilized in the design and implementation of the integration of the Avatier Identity Management System (AIMS) with Cherwell Software’s on-premises and hosted ITSM solutions. Additionally with the partnership, Avatier and Cherwell Software plan to actively promote each other’s complimentary on-premises and cloud-based solutions to customers.

Using AIMS for access management to a Cherwell on-premise or cloud service, business and IT users alike can initiate password management, single sign-on, and user account management requests. In our current AIMS release, we added the ability to create and manage Cherwell Software users. We also included a connector for Cherwell Service Management® ticketing and user management integration. Through our partnership and technology integration AIMS now provides secure bi-directional user management operability, ticketing and reporting with the Cherwell Service Management platform.

Lead with Avatier Identity Management and Cherwell ITSM

Now Cherwell’s codeless configuration and AIMS’ user-centric business focused solutions are available for business users. AIMS allows Cherwell Service Management customers to make self-service user provisioning, access management, and enterprise password management requests. The integration includes superior account and identity management, more efficient operations, and increased productivity from automation and self-service. Jarod Greene, vice president, Cherwell Product Marketing, beautifully sums up the partnership as:

"Cherwell and Avatier are leaders in delivering world-class solutions, specifically in helping IT organizations create and protect value, which on average makes up the most significant volume of contacts to IT. We are thrilled to enter into this strategic alliance partnership with Avatier to better help organizations increase their level of IT self-sufficiency and reduce IT labor intensity, in ways that does not compromise security."

9 Areas of Cherwell Service Management and AIMS Integration

IT service support management tools help organizations gain a business view of IT services. The Cherwell Service Management platform enables IT support organization to better prioritize, quickly resolve or escalate requests, and isolate an issue’s root cause. AIMS extends the capabilities of service desk operations by enabling IT to manage identity management incidents, problems, changes, and requests more effectively. Our CEO and Chairman at Avatier, Nelson Cicchitto is confident about AIMS integration partnership with Cherwell Software.

“Our customers are already embracing AIMS enhanced integration with Cherwell Software. This integration partnership further signifies our unified vision in meeting the needs of Cherwell Software’s customers by enhancing and elevating the benefits received from their solutions on-premise or in the cloud.”

Avatier’s ticketing integration with Cherwell Service Management software enables their customers to use our intuitively easy to administer AIMS to automate, track and update ITSM incident tickets for the following IT operations:

  1. Access Management: Give employees, consultants and partners the right access to systems and de-provision through workflow.
  2. Single Sign-On: Sign-on to on premise enterprise applications and cloud services with one system without replicating identities.
  3. Password Management: Enable enterprise self-service password management for password resets, unlock and synchronization.
  4. Password Policy: Enforce a unified password policy for access to enterprise systems, applications, databases and software.
  5. User Provisioning: Create, manage and remove users and roles. Automate user provisioning, transfers and terminations.
  6. Request Management: Unify requests for IT operations and business services through an online store.
  7. Access Certification: Let business users perform IT audit, attestation and compliance management from any device.
  8. Access Governance: Automate compliance operations. Audit virtually any system, asset and approval under your control.
  9. Group Management: Ensure group memberships and compliance through automation. Offer rule based self-service group management.

Cherwell Service Management provides a modern, easy-to-use IT service management solution that enables your IT service desk to implement and automate ITSM processes. Avatier AIMS offers a business focused identity and access management system that securely manages and provisions requests through an online store.

A predictor of our strategic partnership success relates to an area of strength shared by both companies. With customer renewal and retention rates at 97% and 98%, among the highest in the industry, Avatier integration with the Cherwell Service Management system points to the highest adoption and usage levels of both systems to deliver the most value at low costs.

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Written by Corey Merchant

Corey Merchant is Vice President of Sales for Avatier Corporation where he oversees global sales and business development. Corey has 20+ years experience in technology automation serving with international companies based in North America and Japan. He currently focuses his efforts on expanding Avatier’s business presence in Australia, Singapore and APAC. Corey has extensive experience in various industries namely Health Care, Telecommunications, Manufacturing, and Consumer Electronics as well as Military and Civilian Government agencies.