Determine ROI with Avatier IAM Solutions’ Built in Cost Savings Calculator

Determine ROI with Avatier IAM Solutions’ Built in Cost Savings Calculator

Usually when companies are looking into purchasing Access and Identity Management solutions, it is ideal to analyze output value against allocated funds to figure out total cost savings. Rather than wasting time trying to budget complicated cost calculations, Avatier IAM solutions include a built in Cost Savings Calculator that can be used to determine and weigh company expenses against its return on investments. This added feature will help indicate the costs of an organization’s help desk staff, password resets, unlock accounts, and other various user provisioning tasks.

The Cost Savings Calculator takes into account key variables to determine the cost per help desk call – the number of employees in the organization, the number of month calls directed towards the help desk, the number of help desk employees, and the average help desk employee salary.

AIM solutions can show the organizational expenditures anticipated for normal help desk volumes. When deployed, it will radically reduce help desk costs. All operations performed by administrators, help desk staffs, and users are audited. AIM solutions leverage its strong auditing capabilities to produce a real time return on investment report, letting companies know what their dollars are exactly producing.

Enterprises have many different costs to manage – often times several different types per departments. Budgeting then becomes important as companies want to keep track of their funds and its return on investments. Avatier IAM solutions offer a built in Cost Savings Calculator that will help make it much easier for companies to determine their overall ROI.

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Written by Steven Tran