Hartford HealthCare Sees a Reduction in Help Desk Staff by 30% Within Two Years Using Avatier’s Password Management

Hartford HealthCare Sees a Reduction in Help Desk Staff by 30% Within Two Years Using Avatier’s Password Management

Hartford HealthCare is Connecticut’s most comprehensive healthcare network. The fully integrated health system includes a tertiary-care teaching hospital, an acute-care community teaching hospital, an acute-care hospital and trauma center, two community hospitals, the state’s most extensive behavioral health network, a large multi-specialty physician group, a regional home care system, an array of senior care services, a large physical therapy and rehabilitation network and an accountable care organization. The healthcare network employs over 17,000 individuals who are dedicated to serving patients and families across the state of Connecticut.

The Problem

When Joseph Venturelli joined Hartford HealthCare in 2014 as the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, he quickly realized that the complex network setup was creating more work than necessary. Each day hundreds of calls were coming in to the help desk, many of which were requesting help with resetting passwords. In order to help alleviate the volume of phone calls, Mr. Venturelli turned to Avatier’s self-service password system.

Within two years, Mr. Venturelli saw changes in network consolidations. Thanks to the new implementation of Avatier’s Password Management, he was able to reduce help desk staff by 30% through attrition. He was also successful in bringing the help desk’s abandonment rate and first call rate metrics to well within industry standards.

The Solution

Avatier was the ideal solution. Installation was compatible with the initial network setup of 18 Active Directory service trees, as well as a Novelle Network instance. Password Management exceeded expectations by continuing to work smoothly even as Mr. Venturelli made major changes to the network by paring down excess services over time. “Over the last two years, we have consolidated our assets to replace Novelle Netware as well as reducing our Active Directory trees to one. Because Avatier allowed us to pivot as we reduced our services, we were still able to use the service with minimal adjustments. Most other products on the market would not have allowed that.”


Thanks to the relatively straightforward installation of Avatier’s Password Management and the ability to load employee information directly into the software, Hartford Healthcare was able to pre-enroll over 16,000 of the company’s 17,000 employees to help make the transition. Mr. Venturelli knew from the beginning that the changes would not be instantaneous. He is, however, happy with the progress that his efforts have reaped over time: “When you’re trying to move the needle for metrics on the help desk, you cannot just simply change one thing and make everything better. I would say that Avatier was definitely one of the top three contributing factors towards our improving numbers into the range of best practices and industry standards.”

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Written by Rowena Bonnette