Eliminate Security Risk by Automating Group Management through Avatier Group Requester

Eliminate Security Risk by Automating Group Management through Avatier Group Requester

For companies with thousands of users, it can become quite difficult to manage and group all of their user accounts. All it takes is for one employee with the wrong set of access controls to pose a serious security threat which can put your company in jeopardy. Avatier’s Group Requester offers an innovative solution as it creates a rule based group management system to ensure unrivaled group risk management.

Group Requester is programmed to add in new members, filter and remove outdated members, and identify unauthorized users to guarantee a stronger and precise network. These functions help reduce cost and increase productivity as the manual process of maintaining group lists and memberships is replaced by Group Requester’s scheduling engine. By applying specified business rules to HR and Directory attributes, group memberships and distribution lists are automated to update on a scheduled basis.

Using Group Requester to automate group management will also increase security and control over your network. The program continuously monitors group integrity, security risks, orphan accounts, and unauthorized members to detect any possible threats. Detailed reports containing IT cyber security risk and audits of groups are generated to oversee who and when was added or removed in a group – everything is transparent and easily comprehendible.

Leave outdated HR reports behind and use Avatier Group Requester to automatically update groups, new memberships, access and privilege through rule based group management – access certification and governance has never been this easy.

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Written by Steven Tran