St. Tammany Parish Hospital chose Avatier’s Password Management to assist in unifying logins between two Active Directory instances

St. Tammany Parish Hospital chose Avatier’s Password Management to assist in unifying logins between two Active Directory instances

Founded in 1954, St. Tammany Parish Hospital has grown from its initial 15 beds to its current place as the largest hospital in its Louisiana parish. It is a well-reviewed non-profit facility that consistently earns local and national accolades for its world class healthcare, and is lauded as an excellent place to work for its over 1,800 employees. 

The Problem

Over the years the hospital has incorporated new technology into their setup, but these advances have not come without growing pains. After migrating to a cloud-based medical record hosted by another, larger, medical facility, a majority of staff members found themselves with two IDs whose passwords were not synced. This created confusion among staff and caused big problems from a support perspective.

Daniel Belanger, the hospital’s IT Technical Manager knew that he needed to unify the management of both accounts. He spoke with some of the hospital’s partners, and eventually took their advice to explore Avatier. Initial setup took approximately six weeks, followed by another round of tweaks to configure settings and to customize the user interface. Now that implementation is complete enrollment has surpassed 1,800 users, Mr. Belanger is noticing a positive difference in the frequency and complexity of requests to the help desk.

The Solution

Transitioning the hospital to Avatier’s Password Management and getting things setup took some time, but the results have been just what Mr. Belanger hoped for. “We’re able to manage password resets by individuals as well as by the help desk, and we can keep logs, limit permissions, things like that. It saved us a considerable amount of time resetting two passwords,” he says.

Mr. Belanger goes on to elaborate on the different ways that Password Management has helped the organization: “We’ve synced passwords across both domains so that when we change one it changes both. That also limits the calls, because instead of having two passwords expiring at different times during the 90-day reset cycle, we can sync them together. It has saved us a lot of pain. It’s been a lifesaver for me”.


Password Management has helped to save time and resources, which gives Mr. Belanger’s team the flexibility to improve upon his initial setup. That includes exploring additional ways that Avatier products might be able to help the hospital to improve the security and accessibility of the hospital’s IT infrastructure. According to Mr. Belanger, Avatier has been a great find. “It’s really benefited the organization as a whole”.

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Written by Rowena Bonnette