User Provisioning Made Easy with Avatier Lifecycle Management

User Provisioning Made Easy with Avatier Lifecycle Management

HR managers know that finding the right people is a big task and IT professionals know that employee onboarding is just as important and time consuming. As a company grows, there are more applications and devices to manage. Managing these applications, devices, and all corresponding users— whether onboarding, supporting or deactivating them — is an overwhelming task falling squarely on the shoulders of already overburdened IT and help desk professionals. Overseeing it all across multiple sites and divisions complicates the challenge.

Avatier Lifecycle Management simplifies the entire process of identity management as it was designed to be a “one-stop” shop. The module offers a combination of both self-service access request as well as automated provisioning, making it the ideal management system for your enterprise.

Typically, traditional user provisioning solutions require extensive consulting, analysis and design to create a complex maze of roles, rules and workflow – leading to long implementation cycles and multi-million dollar budgets. Lifecycle Management will enable managers to define business relationships and implement policies with a “drag-and-drop” ease while Lifecycle Management transparently manages all of the underlying workflow and provisioning operations. Ultimately, it is faster, more economical, and will evolve with your business overtime.

The Lifecycle Management’s self-service access request will improve productivity between business users and IT teams as it allows access to enterprise and cloud applications, assets, and even service requests. It’s patented, automated workflow establishes controls, providing more efficiency to quickly approve access while mitigating risk, improving security, and ensuring compliance and regulations.

Avatier’s automated user provisioning will provide flexibility for users, resulting in inexpensive and timely configurations rather than labor-intensive custom coding. It will leverage existing rules, attributes, and organizational structures for automated user provisioning based on employee lifecycle events. Notification systems will monitor your network for added, disabled, and removed accounts, sending security alerts to ensure immediate attention. Upon termination, this system will automatically begin de-provisioning users by removing their access across all your systems.

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Written by Steven Tran