Strengthen Cyber Security and Eliminate Threat of Hackers with Avatier’s Password Bouncer

Strengthen Cyber Security and Eliminate Threat of Hackers with Avatier’s Password Bouncer

The security industry has determined that about 70% of all deployed firewalls are not working to protect the networks behind them. With the increasing threat of hackers in today’s world, having a strong defense mechanism is imperative to protect and secure important information. Default password settings usually require the obvious capitalized letter, a random number, and a special character of some sort (i.e. !%$&#). However, these general passwords are easily cracked by hackers and can prove to be a threat to security.

A quick and easy solution for this problem is Avatier’s Password Bouncer – an innovative centralized management console that prevents vulnerable passwords from being created. Due to its sophisticated technology, Password Bouncer will dramatically reduce any likelihood from dictionary attacks or simple guessing from hackers. It contains features such as the password manager hacker dictionary which performs dictionary string manipulations for pattern checking and word list substitutions. Detailed password requirements will not allow usage of proper names, terms from literature, movies, music, religion, sports, science, geography, and encompasses over 25 languages. All of this will enforce a much stronger password policy and ultimately eliminate all weaker passwords.

Aside from the benefit of heightened security, Password Bouncer will also reduce cost and save time for your company. The software is able to integrate with other Microsoft Security technologies, therefore able to be installed and configured within under an hour. Password Bouncer will also unify all passwords across the system to ensure business users no longer need to remember dozens of different password variations.

The dangers of hackers and password security will always be present but these factors can be decreased drastically with the help of Avatier’s Password Bouncer.

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Written by Steven Tran